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School Of Medicine

1- About Our Medical School​

"Universidad Central del Este''' (UCE) is a private institution is located in the eastern region of Dominican Republic, whose mission is to train professionals in a comprehensive manner and qualified skilled technicians, in various disciplines related to Health Sciences, Humanities, Law | Legal, Management | Administration and Information Technologies, Economics, Social Sciences, Engineering and Natural Resources, through relevant academic programs, extension courses, and other activities that promote individual and collective development. 

Its vision is to be an institution of national and international renowned prestige, of academic excellence in the development and management of knowledge. It focuses on training professionals, with values based on truth; through service and transformation of social and economic reality; based on the scientific and technological advancement of the region, the country and the world.

Its organizational structure consists of an academic, scientific and service oriented community, whose work is based on achieving values, essential to provide highly qualified talent that can successfully join the society in order to contribute with the development of their community and achieve social and personal progress as an individual as well as a social entity. 

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Universidad Central del Este (UCE) was established in 1970 at the initiative of Dr. José A. Hazim Azar and a group of collaborators. It acquired its legal entity by Decree No. 1205, issued by the Government Executive on July 2nd, 1971, authorizing us to issue academic diplomas with the same extent, force and validity as those issued by official institutions or autonomous of the same category.

The emerge of the "UCE" marked a milestone of hope for the youth in the Eastern Region of the country who had been watching their aspirations of obtaining a high quality professional degree that would allow them to successfully enter the workforce dissipate. Due to its prestige it achieved to draw attention from students from different countries around the world.

"UCE" was founded with a vision to contribute to the comprehensive development of the region as well as to the country; its strategies have been geared towards teaching, research, community services, as well as cultural and recreational activities. 
Since it was founded, its infrastructure was conceived in a way that its academic environment and the comfort of its classrooms still remain. 

3- School Of Medicine

The medical program curriculum of Universidad Central del Este presents a single combined model program consisting of an undergraduate premedical level and a graduate level consisting of Basic Sciences, Clinical Sciences and Clerkship. This program is established in accordance with the rules and procedures of the Ministry of High Education.  These are recognized as periods of training that the student must pass, until he / she reaches the degree of Doctor of Medicine (MD).

Pre- Med is the first level of the medical program. This level is composed of all the Natural Sciences, English, Spanish, Behavioral Sciences, and Social Sciences among other courses that allows for the comprehensive training of a student capable of managing and understanding successfully the next level of the medical program.

An applicant to UCE School of Medicine must fulfill the admission requirements as stipulated in the Admissions Manual.

School of Medicine Program Objectives

  • Ensuring that students continue their comprehensive training  throughout the core curricular elements of the Degree in Medicine, gaining knowledge of the basic sciences relevant to medicine.
  • Training students to deal with clinical, public health, economic, social and cultural problems as well as related environmental factors  through the use of techniques and methodology employed to evaluate biological functions. Guaranteeing that students gain sufficient knowledge  of the structure, function and normal behavior of human beings in terms of their biological and social integrity as well as the cause, mechanisms and  general manifestations of pathological states. 
  • Enabling students to acquire certain essential habits, acting in  accordance with the principles of moral and ethical responsibility.  Imbuing them with social and humanist sensitivity that will allow them to correctly interpret and apply their medical knowledge. 
  • Ensuring that the Degree in Medicine curriculum prepares students to behave in a manner that reflects the knowledge and skills of a general  practitioner. Making sure that students respond professionally to the needs of society, improving people's quality and way of life. 
  • Providing students with solid knowledge of the basic areas of medicine: Internal Medicine, Surgery, Gynecology and Obstetrics, Pediatrics, Community Medicine, Social Service and Mental Health, with emphasis on primary health care, the prevention of illnesses and the promotion of healthy living. 
  • Providing students with the skills needed to use and apply scientific, clinical and epidemiological methodology, incorporating appropriate technology to deal with and resolve situations involving the diagnosis and treatment of the main individual and collective health problems. 
  • Enabling students to incorporate new technical and scientific knowledge and providing them with the knowledge to use bibliographical sources and general scientific documentation techniques. 
  • Encouraging students to learn things by themselves and develop their intellectual aptitude, stimulating their interest through continuous training and enabling them to acquire a critical conscience with respect  to the results of their professional work. 
  • Demonstrating the ability to provide health services such as a General Practitioner, having access to scientific education programs and university teaching. Getting a place through public entrance examinations and/or examinations to determine degrees of knowledge in the different types of postgraduate course.

Program Description

Successful completion of the M.D. Degree prepares the student for the practice of Medcine. Al courses are taught in Spanish. Student may take the United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE). Successful completion of the 3 Step exams allows the student to enter the workforce as a graduate Medical Doctor in the United States. 



​​4- Finanacial AID​​​

General Information

The Finance Aid Department at UCE provides support to students who need financial assistance in order to pay tuition expenses at the university.  The Financial Aid Depa rtment has established procedures which assure fair and consistent treatment of all applicants.

UCE believes the primary responsibility for the educational cost lies with the student and his/her family.  Financial assistance is available to meet the student's needs whenever possible.  UCE considers tuition and fees, room and board, books, supplies, personal expenses and allowable travel expenses to be the total cost associated with attending the school.

UCE will gather documents and collect information to determine a student's financial need.  The information provided by the student or his/her family confidential and the sole purpose is for assessing the student's need for financial assistance.  The assistance the student receives at UCE is based on the cost of attendance, expected student contribution and meeting satisfactory academic progress within an academic year.  Students must re-apply for financial assistance each academic year.

The student has sole responsibility for obtaining financial assistance.  Each student is responsible for correctly completing all applications and processing paperwork in a timely manner.  If the student does not receive financial assistance while in school, the student will be held responsible for all tuition and fees due to UCE.   Students should make an appointment with the Financial Aid Department to ensure they understand and obtain the funding needed.

UCE has the following institutional programs available to students who qualify for assistance:


UCExcelencia 50% Scholarships This scholarship program is awarded to foreign students, who have achieved excellent grades during their previous studies.

To apply for this program, the candidate must achieve the following requirements:

  • Submit to UCE´s Admissions Department a copy of a transcript of the previous studies, which must be signed by the competent authorities.
  • Have a GPA between 3.0 to 4.0 points to be considered as a candidate to the program.

If the candidate is chosen by the UCExcelencia Scholarship committee, must maintain a 3.20 GPA each semester in order to stay in the program.

Loan Programs:

Educational Loans from Private Lenders.

If you need financial assistance to pay for student fees and living expenses, you may wish to apply for a private student loan from a private institution or organization.  Private student loans are based on credit and interest rates vary based on the borrower's credit score.

If you have little or no credit history, it may be difficult to qualify for a student loan without a cosigner.  If you are denied a government or private student loan, you should consider asking a creditworthy parent, guardian, or other individual who supports your educational goals to cosign your loan application.  UCE's Financial Aid Department can guide you in understanding your options and making the right choices for your education and your future.

Government Loans:

UCE School of Medicine is not currently participating in the U.S. Title IV student aid program.

For more information or details please contact Financial Aid Department at:


(809)529-3562 Ext.: 2224/2225/2237

5- Admission Requirements​​​

Applicants seeking admissions to UCE must contact the Admissions Office to obtain an application.  Applications should be submitted well in advance of entry date.  This allows proper scheduling and assures availability of classroom space.  Applicants are encouraged to visit the University in person.  The Admissions Office is open Monday through Friday from 9:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M. and Saturday from 9:00 A.M. to 12 Noon.

UCE reserves the right to deny admission or re-admissions to any student if, in the opinion of the Admissions Committee his/her admission is not in the best interest of the student or school.

Deadline and Requirements:

UCE will only admit degree program candidates three (3) times during a calendar year.

For first year, full time degree seeking student the deadline to apply is forty (45) days prior to the beginning of a semester.  The university reserves the right to extend the application deadline. 

Students must be enrolled by the tenth day of class start date.  All tuition and fees must be paid by the close of business on the sixth (6) day of any semester, unless an arrangement is in place.

To be considered for Admissions at UCE School of Medicine applicants must provide:

Admission's Application accurately completed

  • Birth Certificate Original and Apostilled by the Hague Convention
  • High School Transcripts certified by the Education Department of the country of origin or GED certificate. Must be Apostilled by the Hague Convention
  • Copy of the High School Diploma. Must be Apostilled by the Hague Convention
  • Good Conduct certificate (Police Report)
  • 4 photos (2 x 2)
  • Passport copy
  • Health Certificate
  • Immunization record that includes Hepatitis B (VHB) and Tetanus (DT)
  • Two recommendation letters
  • If you are transferring credits, the University transcripts must be legalized with Apostilled by the Hague Convention from the country of origin.
  • Minimum 2.5 GPA for those applying undergraduate and 3.0 GPA for those applying graduate to the School of Medicine.
  • MCAT results
  • Application fee of US $350 (nonrefundable and required for evaluation)

Once the student has been evaluated and accepted, the following documents must be presented prior to being registered:

  • Copy of Student Visa
  • If you studied outside of the Dominican Republic, you must obtain the certification of the Equivalency of your High School Diploma in the Dominican Ministry of Education (MINERD).To complete this process, you must submit your Junior High Transcripts (7th, 8th and 9th grade). This certification must be provided either the student is transferring credits or not.
  • If you are transferring credits, copy of the payment receipt for the legalization of your transcripts in the Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology (MESCYT).
  • Academic assessment results; not required if you are transferring credits.         

UCE is proud of the international character of its student's body and welcomes students from other nations.  Applicants that are academically prepared to pursue the medical program but are unable to meet the minimum Spanish proficiency must apply to an intensive Spanish course.  Upon completion of this course applicants may enroll in the Medical Program.

For more information please contact us at: info@uce.edu.do​​

​6- Housting Facilities

​UCE offers information relating  housing services near campus, but is not held responsible for the student's decision.

For more information, please contact info@uce.edu.do